Activities at Dore Lake

Drive to this remote northern lake for good-sized pike and walleye fishing. Remember to pack your Rattlin’ Raps! Rated #1 Fishing Destination in Saskatchewan.
— Outdoor Canada Magazine

Go Fishing 

This lake is filled with fish, but you might have to make friends with a local in order to find them. Do to its vast size, Dore Lake has fishing hotspots year round. Knowing where to go in which season is half the battle. An intricate web of islands, shallow bays, and rocky points poses its challenges but for those who take the time to learn the lake the rewards are endless. Dore Lake is a nationally acclaimed fishing lake for both pike and walleye.


Explore the trails

Keep your eyes peeled for the Piche Trail, Dore Tower Trail, and Camp Carmel Trail signs as you drive into Michel Point. The trails are maintained by local volunteers year round and are shared by snowmobilers, cross country skiers, ATVers, hikers, and mountain bikers so we ask that all patrons be cautious of other trail goers. As always, help keep our trails beautiful and pack out anything that you pack in. 

Adventures are endless            

Other opportunities for adventure include an array of watersports, exploration of neighbouring lakes, streams and trails, enjoyment of a beach day on our beautiful sandy west-facing beach, or finding wild blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, choke cherries, and Saskatoon berries to pick- just to name a few.